HKCity provides E-Mail forwarding services for its members in a simple and secure manner.

All E-Mails sent to will be forwarded instantly to your existing E-Mail account, whether it is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as AOL, or your company's e-mail server.

Members are allowed to have more than one HKCity account. If you decide to have an additional, it will also be forwarded to the same E-Mail address as your original HKCity account. E-Mails sending to both accounts will be forwarded to the e-mail address you provided us in your subscription form.

Benefits of becoming part of HKCity

  • A permanent and secure E-Mail address on the Internet
  • You will never need to inform all your friends every time you change a new ISP account
  • You will not miss any E-Mails because you have forgotten to update every single one of your friends when you changed your E-Mail address
  • Ability to forward all your E-Mails to your overseas ISP account when you travel around the world
  • Your homepage's URL will become






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